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About us 

Find out more about us. Professional corporate governance training is a key element for any organisation to learn and grow together. Corporate governance is vital at every level of each organisation irrespective of the size of the business. All businesses need to start thinking about a professional corporate governance training plan to ensure that employees, executives and directors get access to relevant and up to date knowledge and facilitated learning.

When know the benefits of continued professional development and training. That is the thing about us, we practice what we preach, we train and develop our employees. This keeps them up to date with new learning and current knowledge. It’s not all about us, it is about them growing and developing their corporate governance training excellence.

About us – the professional corporate governance training experts

Organisations that align their strategy, corporate culture and business objectives within an agreed corporate governance framework are usually the most successful and sustainable businesses. We know the value of continued learning for employees throughout the organisation, this learning can be through on the job training or a combination of facilitated in-house corporate training and external masterclasses and workshops.

Investing in your employees pays dividends – about us and what we add

The one thing about us is that we invest in our employees through formal training and through mentoring.

Organisations which invest in their employees by sending them on bespoke in-house corporate training or on professionally facilitated masterclasses find that employees are more engaged and committed. Learning and development is a core pillar in succession planning and career advancement, this in turn leads to a pipeline of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees at different levels across the business.

What do our clients say about us?

If you read our testimonials page, you’ll see many recommendations about us and how we added value.



Core Values



Core Values

About us - Professional corporate governance training by Governance Gurus

Our Team of professional corporate governance training experts

Professional corporate governance training together with corporate culture and an organisation’s risk appetite and tolerances set the tone for employees, senior management and the Board. Organisations also need to manage relations with their stakeholders and shareholders.

Our team of professionally qualified and experienced advisors would be delighted to work with your organisation, department or team.

Senior Executive Management Team

Professional corporate governance training and governance advisory services are kingpins to our business. The Senior Executives and their team are experienced thought leaders, keynote speakers and facilitators of masterclasses, workshops and in-house training on change management, corporate governance, risk management, business strategies & GRC. The team design bespoke CPD training on director duties, director readiness for new or aspiring directors and company secretary advanced training. They also provide executive coaching for executive directors, non-executive directors, senior executives, senior managers and their direct reports.

About the Senior Management Team. We are corporate governance training professionals and are based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Malaysia. The Senior Executive Management team believe in acting with integrity and with diligence, whilst providing the best advice and guidance for all clients in each area of the business.

As a company, we believe we can achieve more for our clients by working together collaboratively across different disciplines. By employing the best people, with the same work ethics and drive, we know that great things can be accomplished as a team. When you work with us you’ll know its not all about us, but its all about you. Your needs and learning outcomes come first. Corporate governance training is dear to our hearts.

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Executive Director of Strategy and Governance – Robert is passionate about corporate governance, business strategy, change management, business transformation and human resource management and training.

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A trilingual banking, real estate and compliance professional with international experience in the Middle East and South East Asia. A qualified Chartered Secretary of ICSA International and member of the Malaysian Chapter and member of the International Compliance Association (ICA), which is the leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community.