ICSA Courses

ICSA Courses

ICSA Courses are the most widely recognised corporate governance studies available. Moreover, Governance Gurus are one of the main ICSA Registered Tuition Partners in Dubai. We provide ICSA courses and ICSA training in Dubai covering the ICSA qualifying programme and the ICSA advanced certificate in Corporate Governance. We offer face to face ICSA courses and ICSA training for students in Dubai and the Middle East. The ICSA Courses provide quality corporate training to cover the ICSA’s syllabus across all subjects. Our lecturers are ICSA qualified or have an accounting, governance or law qualification.

I engaged Governance Gurus  to provide professional tuition for the Advanced Corporate Governance certificate from ICSA – The Chartered Governance Institute. I must say the level of student support was outstanding given I was studying by distance learning from Mauritius and through an intensive five day face to face tuition and revision crash course provided in Dubai. Rob Ford was the lead tutor and highlighted key areas and up to date corporate governance topics which come up in the exam. We also spent time going through exam papers, model answers and exam techniques which helped focus me on achieving a pass and I am now pleased to be a Graduate Chartered Governance Professional of ICSA UK. Thank you Rob and the Governance Gurus team for providing excellent tuition, materials and support. – Mr. Reaz Noormamode of Target Solutions Ltd – Mauritius

Virtual classroom learning for ICSA Training in Dubai and the Middle East 

We are pleased to announce we now have virtual classroom learning through live webinars and prerecorded tuition for ICSA courses. If you plan to get professional tuition support for ICSA courses in Dubai we are here to support you in your virtual studies.

If you are planning to start a career as a Chartered Company Secretary or as a Chartered Governance Professional, then ICSA The Chartered Governance Institute offers the best international recognised corporate governance qualification scheme. Also, Governance Gurus are one of the top ICSA Tuition partners for ICSA training in Dubai and the Middle East.

Various qualifying routes to become a governance professional or company secretary

There are various routes to become Chartered as a Company Secretary or Governance Professional. Starting from the ICSA Foundation or level one and two qualification scheme. If you are a qualified lawyer or accountant there is also a fast track route to become qualified with the ICSA.

ICSA training courses for professional company secretary and governance professionals

Are you interested in studying any of the ICSA courses? If so, please get in touch and we will advise on what is the best route for you based on your qualification and company secretarial experience. Click here to register your interest in one of the ICSA Courses.


ICSA Courses - Governance Gurus professional tuition partner of ICSA

ICSA Courses open-entry routes to start your journey to become a Chartered Governance Professional or Chartered Company Secretary

The ICSA Foundation Programme and Advanced certificate in Corporate Governance are both open-entry qualifications which means that anyone can undertake studies in these two areas regardless of whether they have a relevant degree or five years of corporate governance or company secretarial experience.

The Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance is specifically designed for corporate governance and company secretarial professionals who are tasked with setting good governance practices and frameworks whilst effectively maintaining stakeholder dialogue throughout their organisation.

ICSA Foundation Programme – Global Governance entry for ICSA training courses

The ICSA Foundation Programme is the entry level ICSA Course to start your corporate governance profession through ICSA training providers. The recommended study time for the ICSA Foundation course is 200 hours. Also you should split your study between reading, face to face tuition and revision lectures to prepare to successfully pass the 3 hour exam.

Moreover, anyone can join the ICSA Foundation Programme and start their ICSA training. Entry to Part One and Part Two of the ICSA Qualifying Courses require you to have either passed the ICSA Foundation or have a relevant degree or professional qualification before you get to move to the other ICSA training levels. Qualified accountants and lawyers  may be exempt from certain exams. If you are a qualified professional and have enough post-qualification experience you may be able to go down the ICSA Fast-track route.

The Middle East's premium tuition partner for The Chartered Governance Institute on ICSA courses and training
What is corporate governance?
ICSA Courses, ICSA Training and ICSA Exams

For all ICSA Courses, students must first become an ICSA member and then enrol for the relevant exam(s) they have chosen. Exams are in June and November each year and students will need to register to take the exam before the respective cut-off date in March for the June exams and September for the November exams. Please check the ICSA’s website to ensure that these enrolment deadline dates have not changed. The ICSA change the exam registration dates periodically.

Exemptions from some of the ICSA Courses

Exemptions can be applied for in Applied Business Law and Corporate Law if you hold a law degree and are studying the ICSA qualifying programme. For those holding a finance degree you can apply for exemption from Financial Reporting and Analysis and Applied Business Law.

ICSA Training through an ICSA tuition partner

It is important to choose the right tuition partner for your ICSA training needs. We have successfully trained ICSA students and even have an award winning student who received the prize for best exam paper in November 2019. We provide very detailed training and exam preparation to help students pass their ICSA exams.

Fast track ICSA Courses route to become a Chartered Company Secretary or Governance Professional

If you are a qualified law or finance practitioner with over five years of relevant experience you can become a Chartered Company Secretary or Governance Professional in just one year.

The ICSA will require potential fast track professionals to complete an application and provide the necessary support documents to allow them access to the fast track option. Currently fast track students are required to complete the following modules: Corporate Secretarial Practice and the Chartered Secretaries Case Study. We provide ICSA training for busy professionals looking to get tuition support and ICSA training.

ICSA Courses
Workshops and corporate training

We offer a wide range of other professional corporate training workshops and masterclasses which are accredited for continued professional development hours. Our masterclasses and training programmes are specifically designed to cater for the needs of delegates and our training sessions are highly interactive and encourage strategic thinking and collaboration. For more details click out our main workshops page.

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