Director Training

Why director training is vital

Director training is a mandatory requirement in certain countries. In other countries it is expected that directors attend regular training.  Many organisations ask themselves what the training and development importance is and can director training lead to enhanced business excellence and increased profits? Is training and development important and if so, what level of investment should organisations devote to developing their leaders, directors and senior executives?

Is director training mandatory for your leadership team?

In some countries, regulation requires businesses to devote a percentage of annual revenue towards continued learning and training of directors and employees. Internationally we see corporate governance codes being revised to focus on the importance of entrepreneurial leadership and the induction and continued development of directors through director training and performance reviews through board and director evaluations.

Training for financial services directors

If we look at the banking and financial services industries, they require directors to possess a certain level of knowledge and experience. In this highly regulated industry, the listing authority and central bank require that directors are authorised and maintain a high standard of knowledge and integrity. In other industries we do not see the same level of rigour and it is only certain members of the audit committee that are required to possess a financial background and recent financial experience and independence.

Having a training plan

The use of systematic director training and development should form part of the overall human resource strategy for any organisation and shouldn’t just be considered for listed companies or large private companies.

Business transformation plan

Professional Director Training Programs

It goes without saying that directors and those leading organisations need to continuously develop and hone their skills and knowledge to better face the increasingly complex corporate governance challenges facing businesses. Through accredited continued professional development (CPD) leaders and senior executives can access specialised director training to cover some of the key topics which will equip them with the knowledge and the resources to proactively face any circumstance.

Our expert trainers facilitate public and bespoke in-house corporate training workshops and masterclasses to enhance the knowledge of delegates and join theory, law and practise. Our training facilitators are qualified professionals who have worked with and advised boards and senior management teams on corporate governance, corporate culture, diversity and transformation projects. We work with directors and senior executives across different industries and countries and our clients range from small start-ups through to state owned enterprises.

We have trained chairmen, directors and senior executives from all over the global. Our team of training specialists regularly provide world-class masterclass director training courses and director training days. We bring together company directors and executives from across the globe to attend director training programs which are highly interactive and full of practical case studies and role-play scenarios.

Directors need training too

We work closely with family owned groups and private companies too as many of these businesses see the benefit of attending professionally accredited director training. These organisations see director training as a form of competitive advantage for their board and senior executive team. Directors and senior executives who understand the benefits of good governance and aligning the strategic direction with the corporate culture of their organisation will be more successful in the long-term.

The directors and executives who attend our CPD director training programs are better equipped to navigate the changing business environment and avoid corporate governance failures or a loss of brand value through lapses of integrity or fraud.

Learning and development for leaders and management

An organisation’s human resource governance focus should be on creating the leaders of tomorrow by keeping training and development importance as its strategic focus for succession planning. Director training is key to develop and provide the pipeline of future leaders through CPD training, which gives executives and non-executives access to accredited training.

Governance, risk management and compliance training in Dubai and Malaysia

If you are looking for tailored director training or an in-house training program specifically designed for your senior executives don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to work with your organisation to design and facilitate professional training workshops and masterclasses in Dubai or internationally.

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