Free webinar training

Free webinar training

We offer a range of free webinar training mini-masterclasses. A webinar training series, providing free access to learn from the comfort of your office or home.

Training for anyone that wants to enhance their knowledge through free webinar training. Our mini-masterclass training webinars last 45 minutes and start 1:00 pm (GST) . We cover a number of different topics around corporate governance, leadership, risk management and advanced company secretary skills. Webinars enable participants access to the tools for their personal development. Learning and development is extremely important to keep your skills and knowledge updated.

Giving back through free webinar training

It looks like business will not go back to ‘business as usual’ even after COVID-19. This tragic pandemic will finally pass but business will have changed forever. Many industries will take years to recover, but some won’t. Organisations are cutting staff, scaling back and even closing operations. Training budgets have been cut or completely scrapped due to the economic situation. Does you business want access to free webinar training? The good news is, we are running free webinar training series for the development of participants. Your business can benefit from this free learning opportunity for all your employees. Simply have them signup for our newsletter and we will send links to free and exclusive webinars.

Free virtual online learning training webinar courses

The human mind is ever curious to know more through learning. With COVID-19 many people can no longer travel to attend face to face training courses. This is why we decided to offer a range of free short, bite sized webinar training courses. These webinars are for everyone who wants to learn more about corporate governance or strategic decision making and leadership. Many people have lost their jobs and are now looking to gain new skills and focus on their development.

Learning should be engaging and fun. A virtual learning experience should be no different. When you attend one of our webinars you’ll leave invigorated and ready to face new challenges. Online learning isn’t something new, but very few companies offer free training courses. They are merely educational learning sessions to provoke participants to think about new topics.

Free webinar training topics 

Each free webinar training starts at 1:00 pm (GST) and ends 1:45 pm. If you are interested in any free webinar training, just register your interest and you’ll get joining instructions. These webinars are intended to provide bite sized learning and development opportunities for busy business executives. Project management teams would also benefit from aspects across the six free webinar training sessions.

  1. A “one size fits all” approach to corporate governance – genius or negligent? – 17 June at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm
  2. Is prevention cheaper than cure? – A proactive leadership approach in crisis and beyond – 24 June at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm
  3. The company secretary’s guide for high performing boards – 1 July at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm
  4. The best agile approaches to strategic goals and business objectives – 8 July at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm
  5. Enhanced emotional intelligence for more influence – 15 July at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm
  6. Building an optimal enterprise risk management culture – 22 July at 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm

For details on future free webinars, follow us on social media; through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or our newsletter.

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Free online learning mini-masterclass webinars
Free online learning and webinar training

Learning and development through webinars

Free webinars are a great way for participants to get a flavour of different topics of interest. We provide a wide range of free training which span just 45 minutes. You can selection either live webinars or on-demand webinars to suit you learning needs. We offer some exclusive learning and development free training webinars to everyone on our newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet scan the below QR code. Alternately, you can just click the QR code and it will take you to the signup page. Webinars give your business access to free learning for employees.

Online training to become a governance professional

Are you considering becoming a qualified Chartered Company Secretary or as a Chartered Governance Professional? If you are, The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA) offer the best international recognised corporate governance qualification scheme. We are an ICSA Tuition partner for training in the Middle East. For more details and pricing, look at our ICSA courses web page.

The benefits of our free webinar training

The use of webinars for training allows you and your team to hear about best practices and current trends. Our team of industry training experts provide the tools to take you to the next level in your career. Online training requires a different approach for trainers and participants, but is a great way to build knowledge fast. Live webinars training can enhance the learning development of individuals. During our free webinars, we encourage participants to ask questions through the chat function. We also leave the last section of each free webinar training for active discussion and questions.

Live webinars allow for an active learning experience through interactive and engaging training and discussions. A webinar can easily be attended during your lunch break. Even if you are in the middle of a project management exercise you register and watch the recording of the training later.

We do not use our free webinar training sessions to promote any products or services unless they are sponsored business events.

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Free online training and webinars
Free webinar training and online learning for busy executives and leaders
What is corporate governance?

Live webinars for busy business leaders

Our extensive experience in training business leaders is now be accessible by directors, senior executives and company secretaries from all around the globe by webinar. As a business leader, you know the importance of continuing professional development and learning. Free webinar training provides learning for your management team and board members. We offer a wide range of in-house webinar training and learning and development courses for business leadership teams.

Other webinar training through advanced learning masterclass courses

We also provide these types of interactive masterclasses through face to face training courses over 3 – 5 days. You can attend webinar training virtually at a much lower cost than attending a face to face masterclass. Each webinar is interactive, engaging and includes group exercises, case studies and group discussions. By attending our webinar training each participant receives accredited CPD hours, which are internationally recognised. Check out our Online Training page for details of our paid webinar training and learning offerings.

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