Risk Management Training

Risk management training – for Accredited continued professional development training courses

Risk Management training is important because no two businesses operate to the same risk appetite and tolerances or risk model. When it comes to the risk appetite and tolerances each organisation is different. Businesses approach risk management and business continuity in different ways.

Each Board and Executive Management team will have varying views on risk and risk management. It is important that senior executives and the Board are aligned with their stakeholders’ risk tolerances and appetite. We specialise in facilitating workshops and discussions with directors, senior executives and shareholders to gain alignment and buy-in to ensure that the risk management training is effective and tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Our training programmes are accredited for continued professional development (CPD/E) credits and each delegate will receive a certificate independently issued to show the CPD/E hours earned.

Professional accredited risk management training as your competitive edge

The level of acceptable risks to take, to remain competitive and commercially viable, will differ depending on industry and agreed risk tolerances and appetite.  Some risks can be reduced or mitigated against but, not all risks can or should be eliminated. Our team can operate independently or as part of an outsourced compliance services resource to help identify risks through risk analysis or by preparing specially designed case studies and classroom exercises as part of a strategic risk management training programme.

We work with businesses to review their enterprise risk and provide corporate governance compliance and vendor management services.

Risk and Corporate Governance Training as part of the governance framework

Risk management is part of an organisation’s overall governance framework. Governance, risk and compliance can be controlled using outsourced compliance services, outsourced company secretarial services and risk management consulting services. Corporate Governance Compliance should not be a ‘box ticking exercise’ but rather embedded procedures, processes and systems embraced by all departments and teams.

Accredited professional risk management training in Dubai and Malaysia

We would be delighted to work with your executive team to identify key risks and provide mitigation options to reduce risks within accepted tolerances. It is vital that senior management and their teams are aware of how to identify risks and form business objectives to mitigate and reduce risks which are in keeping with their Board’s overall organisational strategy and business plan.

Risk Management training as part of your three lines of defence

Staying updated through professional risk management training will enhance your technical knowledge and help you apply this knowledge practically in your organisation. Shareholders expect directors to ensure that the CEO and their management team have the requisite knowledge and experience across all three lines of defence.

Prevention is cheaper than cure and each line of defence needs to develop a good understanding of how their risk management and compliance ties into the overall risk management and corporate governance framework of the organisation. We often see that the Company Secretary is not seen as part of the three lines of defence or as part of the risk management strategy.

An experienced Company Secretary, who possesses good technical legal and governance experience and a healthy dose of emotional intelligence can be the difference between an organisation having an average or excellent culture of governance. Our experience shows that when the Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Internal Audit Officer and the Company Secretary work together well, many risks are avoided, and emerging risks are proactively identified and appropriately treated.

A strong senior management team which operates to the highest standards of integrity will inspire a culture of doing the right thing for the right reasons. This in turn will create a culture of good governance and ethical behaviour which can be reinforced and underpinned with regular risk management training. Click here to register your interest in professional risk management training.

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