Board Advisory

Board Advisory Services for directors and senior management teams

Board advisory services help boards become more efficient and effective. The Board of Directors is tasked with aligning the short, medium and long-term objectives with stakeholder expectations. The Board or Executive Committee of an organisation or group has the fiduciary duty to adhere to local laws and regulations and to ensure the safety of employees. Governance Gurus work with directors and management teams in a board advisory capacity.

It’s been said that the only thing certain in life is change. In many cases, changes are very positive. That is true only if the change management is managed and well planned all the way from the Boardroom to execution. If you are looking to improve performance and your corporate governance use our board advisory services.

Strategic thinking and implementation through board advisory services

Change management has become part of the business strategy for organisations, regardless of size and more Boards are considering the impact of change initiatives that fail. Our team will advise the Board and Senior Executive team and assist your operational teams to transition to any type of change more rapidly and more effectively. Business transformation and change management are a must for successful and sustainable businesses.

Successfully navigating business transformation

Design, planning and implementation are vital elements to ensure your organisation benefits from an organised change management process where the changes are introduced, worked through and understood completely by every party involved in the change. When large and sweeping changes are in the works for your business, your team could benefit from a change manager to provide training, coaching and to act as an independent sounding board.

Are you planning a transformation or corporate governance project?

We provide companies with change management and board advisory services. We also offer accredited CPD training in Dubai or Malaysia. Moreover, our training empowers management teams to accomplish successful projects throughout their organisation. With approximately 60% – 70% of change programs failing it is vital to get the assistance of trained change management and project managers. Our team guide and form part of your transformation leadership team. Our team provide advisory services to Boards and Executive Management teams in Dubai, UAE and wider Middle East region.

Successful corporate governance and board advisory projects

We pride ourselves on providing insights, thoughtful leadership and expert guidance when your business is considering the implementation of a change and the governance impacts. Robert Ford, the Executive Director has assisted numerous businesses with strategic planning and worked with their Senior Executives for planning, implementation and management of major changes.

Whether you are contemplating an organisational change, cultural change, a change in your processes or systems or a full IT software or IT infrastructure change; we can help you with the strategic planning, communication design and assistance through each implementation stage.

board advisory experts to help you grow your business through good governance and business transformation

Key areas are considered when looking at any change initiative:

Change design;


Communication planning and roadshows or townhall meetings for buy-in;

Identification and engagement of key change agents;

Optimal organisational design;

Cultural awareness and culture change planning;

Changes to IT systems and software;

Changes to procedures, policies and handbooks;

The need for workshops and briefing sessions;

Changes to key personnel or delegation of authority;

Training requirements;

Strategy design for implementation.

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