Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting Services

We provide human resources consulting services as people are the most valuable asset of your company. Organisational effectiveness lies in the degree of employee engagement and their understanding of the purpose of the business. Employees want to feel that they identify with a company’s purpose and the ethical stance of the business. Individuals want to be valued, fairly treated, developed, measured and rewarded based on set performance matrices.

Every business is different and individual employees and your company culture must be considered when planning and human resources consulting project. The success lies in the detailed planning and an understanding of what the actual corporate culture is and how to take it to the next level.

Attracting, retaining and developing employees through human resources consulting 

Attracting, retaining and developing employees is vital to the continued growth and success of each business. This holds true whether, a business is in its infancy as an entrepreneurial start-up or an established multi-national company operating global. Human resource consulting services helps you unlock the potential of your human capital and we work with businesses, whether small or large, to maximise employee engagement.

The benefits of employees being engaged through Human Resources Consulting Services

A fully engaged employee will have social responsibility to other employees and they will be client or customer focused to maintain quality services and stakeholder expectations. We also find that corporate training is a good tool to engage employees as the feel you have invested in their development and learning. We offer continuing professional development training which is CPD accredited.

Our Main Human Resources Consulting Areas:

Succession planning – working to identify critical positions and mentor deputies

Diversity – have a diversity policy and actively provide access to females to senior

Middle management training – practical workshops

Senior management coaching –Provide guidance to senior management how to deal with the senior executives, the Board of Directors and their Committees.

Senior executive workshops – Provide practical advice and workshops to enhance transparency and how to gain the Board’s buy-in of their proposals and business plans.

Change management – Assist with the design, buy-in, implementation and embedding of transformational change initiatives.

Organisational design – Corporate structures that are fit for purpose and best suited to the business needs rather than being symmetrical or pretty organisation charts.

Board readiness training – working closely with senior executives who are soon to be or have recently been appointed to the Board of Directors.

Advisory services for chief executive officers and their office – to aid in due diligence and how to analyse management proposals, business plans and presentations to the Board of Directors or their Committees.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to human resources consulting

Having worked with myriad businesses across different industries and in various geographical locations, we know that there isn’t ‘a one size fits all’. It’s always an advantage to work with a consultant who has an arsenal of tried and tested human resource management and human resources consulting strategies.

We are passionate when it comes to human resources consulting related projects about corporate culture, people and change. Are you thinking of hiring a consultant to look at the organisational design, operational manual or functional reporting model? Our team can work with your in-house HR team as their strategic partner and provide fresh perspectives and act as a confidential sounding board.

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