Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services – Professional advice and guidance

Company secretarial services can be the difference between a greatly run board for effective decision making or a poorly run board who are ineffective. An Executive Committee, Board or Committee operate more efficiently when they have the guidance and direction of a qualified and experienced Company Secretary to manage their agenda, track open action points and implement decisions. Having access to great company secretarial services can be the difference between mediocre and exceptional execution and delivery of objectives. Have you ever thought of sending your staff on company secretarial services training?

Why is the role of the Company Secretary important and what services do they provide?

This important governance role can be filled by a dedicated Company Secretary or in-house Secretariat team or can be outsourced to company secretarial services professionals like us. We are happy to assist your named Company/Board Secretary or even advise and assist you set up your in-house Secretariat division. We also advise and assist organisations with the implementation of an entity management database and Board portal, to track entity compliance and securely transmit board papers to directors.

What is the value of company secretarial services?

The role of the company secretary is not always understood or fully appreciated. A great company secretary is efficient, effective and proactive. As an analogy, a company secretary is like IT, when its effectively working every runs smoothly but when IT and systems fail everything goes wrong. The company is proactive and provides guidance, governance advise and support for the chairman and the board of directors.

When a company secretary is inefficient and reactive the effectiveness of the board and decision making is impacted significantly. This is where professional service providers like Governance Gurus make all the difference.  We offer company secretarial services through our team of qualified chartered governance professionals and chartered company secretaries. Our team have worked with clients large and small across different jurisdictions.

Company Secretarial Services - professional support for your board of directors for board and committee meetings

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the DIFC Registrar of Companies allow the appointment of a Company/Corporate Secretary. In other free zones you have to have an individual appointed as your Company Secretary and officer of the company. We can assist you with these services or provide the advice or company secretarial services and support required for your named Company Secretary.

Many smaller businesses don’t want to employ a dedicated Company Secretarial Services professional as the salary and associated overheads are high. We offer outsourcing and company secretarial services and governance advice for all services required for the compliance of your entities and the effective support of your Boards and Committees.

Our team can also deliver training and advisory services relating to the following services:

Developing a corporate schedule for Board and Committee meetings;

Design of annual agenda items;

Effective minute taking;

Drafting Board and Shareholder resolutions;

Preparing for your annual general meeting to extra ordinary meetings;

Advice on how to build relations with the Chairman, CEO and Non-Executive Directors;

Board, Committee and individual Director evaluations design and planning;

Training on the monitoring of open action points;

Design and implementation of a Board resolutions register;

How to be an efficient and effective Company Secretary;

Managing the collection and review of submissions from senior management and their teams for the Board’s review and approval.

Please contact the team for a confidential discussion on your current requirements and any issues or roadblocks you are facing. We are here to provide advice and be your strategic sounding board; as we have seen issues across many organisations and have been able to provide suggested courses of action.

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