Training and workshops

Training and workshops to engage your employees and build future leaders

Training and workshops are essential for developing future leaders. We understand the value that facilitated workshops and in-house training courses and masterclasses can add to employee knowledge and their over all effectiveness and engagement.  Very few small or medium sized businesses invest in formal professional workshops and training for employees. The reason being that these organisations see training as a cost rather than a value added service.

Well facilitated training and workshops can really go a long way to engage your employees and provide them with valuable knowledge and skills.

Accredited training and workshops in Dubai and Malaysia

Professional training and workshops for your leadership team

Learning, continued development and training and workshops at the Director and Senior Executive level is vital to keep your organisation’s key leaders up to date on core areas of expertise and knowledge.

We provide training and workshops, masterclasses and in-house training for leadership development. We focus on Corporate Culture, GRC, Change Management, Corporate Governance and also softer skills training too. We are specialist in designing, facilitating and implementing training and workshops, masterclasses or in-house training programs.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals provide training and workshops on corporate governance, directors’ duties, advance board secretary, change management, board evaluations or board performance, GRC, leadership development and soft skills training such as effective communication, emotional intelligence and corporate culture.

Our trainers have a mix of commercial, professional services, in-house and private practice experience across a multitude of different industries. From banking and financial services, professional services and consulting, construction and facilities management, human resources and employee engagement plus manufacturing, IT and ISO policies and implementation.

Corporate Governance training and consulting experts in Dubai and Malaysia

Training and workshops, or Masterclasses and in-house training which provide Continued Professional Development – CPD credits

One of our unique selling points is that we can design and deliver interactive and engaging training which is CPD accredited and means that your employees with professional qualifications will receive CPD training hours when they attend our workshops and masterclasses. We provide masterclass training programs which are tailored specifically to each organisation, whether you need a one day, three day or five day extensive training program we will design and deliver the training at your office, in a conference room or in our offices according to your needs.

Training and workshops are facilitated for your Directors and Senior Executives Learning and Development Needs

There is a common perception that only large organisations need to develop their leadership and management teams. The reality is that all businesses should actively plan training and development for key leaders and their management teams to ensure that they have the latest tools and skills to direct their organisation and teams to achieve business excellence.

If you ask many executive directors are there areas of training or development you need they will say “we already have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience and don’t need to waste time to attend training or development workshops”. This is a misconception as the moment we cease to learn we are allowing ourselves to become less pertinent and as our peers advance and develop their skill sets we face the risk of falling behind or becoming irrelevant.

All successful organisations understand and see the value of training and workshops for developing their directors, senior executives, senior managers and their teams. This can be by way of hard skills, namely technical and professional skills based training or soft skills training – emotional intelligence, corporate culture and effective communication.

Workshops – The benefits of Planned Training, Masterclasses and Facilitated Workshops

Training and workshops are an integral part of the human resource management strategy to keep directors, senior executives and employees engaged and forms the backbone of an organisation’s development centre to strengthen and up-skill the workforce. An empowered, experienced and engaged workforce will be primed to solve complex problems and work together to achieve corporate, divisional and team objectives.

In the words of Richard Branson, “train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”. A learning organisation has much lower rates of attrition and less low performers who need to be managed out of the business.

Most employees and managers are likely to have a sense of loyalty and gratitude for an organisation and its senior management team for investing in their training and development. It also provides a natural pipeline for succession planning and leadership development.

Training and workshops don’t just take the form of formal, classroom style training. The best training or development programs we have been part of will break down inhibitions and create a safe and sharing environment of learning. We like to operate a ‘Chatham House Rules’ during debates and discussion panels on training or coaching sessions.

Going into training and workshops, development centres or coaching sessions with an open mind will guarantee participates with a unique opportunity to share and receive from peers, colleagues and the facilitator of the sessions. Well facilitated training and workshops sessions will help individuals to explore their experiences and will encourage them to further share successful problem solving and innovative solutions to avoid or reconcile conflict or bottlenecks.

We like to work with teams to develop and enhance collaborative problem-solving and idea generation incubators.

The types of training and workshops courses we offer:

Bespoke training and workshops or masterclasses (half day or full day) – we provide as many days of training as required by your employees

Board effectiveness and board performance training – design, conduct and improve director engagement and board performance

Facilitation sessions to encourage and collect ideas from management and senior management teams

Corporate Governance Dubai and regional or internationally based workshops and masterclasses

Board and Committee observation and provide confidential feedback on gaps and areas of development for enhancement and effective decision making

Senior executive coaching or training – in-house training for the teams of the CEO and the senior executives

Director readiness training for future Board and Committee members (new directors masterclasses – inductions and director due diligence)

In-house company secretariat development, taking the team from administrators to advisers becoming a strategic company secretary and adviser to the board and its committees

New company secretary or board secretary training workshops – developing your practical skills and knowledge

Presentation skills on how to present to a Board, Committee or Chairman’s Office and the winning tools to get your proposal or business planned approved first time

‘Bringing Governance or Compliance to life’ – how to get internal buy-in for your frameworks and get traction with management

Corporate governance, change management, corporate culture and courses on effective communication, leadership and project management

Handling conflict and how to present your proposal and gain stakeholder buy-in, winning the hearts and minds of your approving body

The design and delivery of Director and Committee member inductions

Independent resource to design and support in-house learning and development sessions by your human resource department, where internal resource is limited

Gaining ISO certification and developing policies and procedures for ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, 27001, 37000 and 37001 and other international standards.

We would be happy to provide your organisation with bespoke training, development or coaching programs to enhance performance, engagement and camaraderie.

Happy and engaged employees will work better both individually and collectively. Change management training and other areas of specialism are our passion. Our team of experienced subject matter experts will happily work with your human resources, corporate affairs department or CEO’s office to design and roll-out training and workshops, development or coaching sessions to take management to the next level of engagement or empowerment.

If you want to know more of the different training and workshops programs we offer or can design for you, just drop us a message or call to speak with one of the team.

Training and workshops, plus revision classes for ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute – Tuition for the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance and the qualifying scheme

We are one of the main ICSA Registered Tuition Partners for The Chartered Governance Institute for the Middle East Region. We offer  online training and classroom based or one-to-one tuition and revision on the advanced certificate in corporate governance or any of the chartered governance or Chartered company secretary qualification scheme modules.

We are also partnered with Hawkamah for the ICSA Foundation Programme and helped them design the training materials.

Training and workshops or masterclasses for events producers and conference producers

We work with numerous international events and conference producers and design and deliver their workshops, masterclasses and facilitated training. We provide training in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Asia.

If you require a keynote speaker, panel member or an experienced trainer for your workshops, masterclasses or training programmes get in touch with us to receive a quote by clicking here.

We offer a wide range of masterclass training workshops and in-house corporate facilitated training programmes for directors, senior executives and company secretaries – see some of our continued professional development masterclasses.

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