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People and Change – we are the change management experts in Dubai and Malaysia

People and change management projects must be carefully designed and planned. At Governance Gurus we work closely with the CEO and the HR team to design an appropriate strategy which is tailored to their needs. Moreover, organisations are only successful because of their corporate culture and the people within them. Also, if the people are happy and empowered they will perform to the highest standards and will strive to achieve the corporate goals and overall success of the business.

Unlocking the potential within your employees through people and change transformation

How can you unlock the potential of your employees and management teams through our people and change strategies? We design tailored strategies based on our breadth of knowledge of people and change. Change must be planned, communicated and worked on consistently.

Furthermore, individuals all want to feel a sense of belonging and want to be part of something bigger than them. Governance Gurus work with individuals and teams to unlock their hidden potential and enhance employee engagement. This is achieved through coaching, guidance or facilitation through dialogue and group exercises. Thus aiding in identifying key stress points and areas of existing strengths. Your people are your biggest asset. Moreover, they are the key to the growth, development and sustainability of your organisation.

In change management 1 + 1 = 5 

This equitation doesn’t make sense from a mathematical sense. But it makes perfect sense when you consider the power of two minds working together to solve problems and share ideas.

Emotional intelligence for enhanced effectiveness and engaged employees

It is important that leaders and management teams understand the power of empathy and self awareness. Transformation and change don’t happen by accident. All successful businesses are always growing, evolving and transforming.

We work with businesses to improve the impact their leaders and management team can have to influence employee engagement and efficiency. We identify stress points, silos and areas where quick wins can bring about change in people and the way they operate. Great teams trust each other and they contribute collectively to successfully achieve objectives.

Governance Gurus the people and change experts

Creating a great corporate culture through a people and change initiative 

Top performing companies invest in professional organisational design and human resources projects to transform their people. These organisations work hard to change working practices and behaviours. Here are  some of the commonly overlooked investment areas for human capital and employee engagement opportunities:

Many businesses fail to think about their people as valuable assets that need to be nurtured, protected and shaped into effective and efficient problem solvers and thought leaders

Succession planning and the capture of know-how

Training and development of employees and management teams

The acquisition or development of existing human resources in advance of a change in organisational design.

Maintaining or measurement of the happiness levels of employees

Providing employees with direction and a purpose

Failing to cultivate innovation and employee creativity

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