Online training

Online training

Online training is becoming the new norm when it comes to short governance courses. In other words, many businesses are now attending webinar courses online as a way to provide virtual training for employees. At the same time, web training is a cost effective option to give directors and senior management access to accredited training. Traditionally, training courses have mainly been delivered face to face. Up until recently we mainly provided masterclass workshops and training courses for leadership teams in Dubai or Malaysia. With the current lock down on international travel we moved to an online platform for virtual learning and development.

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Online governance training

Online training is now the ‘go to option’ for learning with corporate executives. With a professional trainer you are assured of a great opportunity to learn from the comfort of your office. The great news is that you can attend a webinar online from the office or home. Online learning has never been easier for leadership and governance training. Our team of professional trainers provide engaging and expert corporate governance and leadership online courses.

Corporate webinars

Learning has become easier and cheaper to access by the use of online learning and web courses. Your management team can experience a virtual course to improve their leadership skills. By attending a webinar training course you get access to an accredited learning course which is presented live.

Education programs through e-learning channels

There has never been such a demand for learning through e-channels and webinars. Many organisations are looking for corporate training for their directors and company secretary. Governance Gurus now provide premium online courses and workshops through our expert instructors. By attending one of our virtual webinar training courses you get the chance to develop your career. Business leadership teams are looking for different e-learning courses for web based training. Our courses are designed for busy leaders who want to enhance their understanding on corporate governance and risk management.

Your leadership and executive team now have access to specially designed e-training through webinars or virtual classrooms. Our training courses are highly engaging and focused on providing the tools so you can use them straightaway.

Online education made easy

You no longer have to travel and pay for flights and hotels in order to attend interactive tuition sessions. Moreover, with our online and virtual courses you get access to top international trainers. The value of attending these virtual online training courses is that you don’t have to waste time travelling. We provide organisations tailored corporate training at exceptional prices, through webinars.

Continuing professional development

Our courses are accredited for continuing professional development (CPD) and every participant receives a CPD training certificate with training hours. This is vital for qualified accountants, lawyers and chartered company secretaries to maintain their professional memberships. Most professional institutes require their members to attend a certain number of formal CPD training each year.


e-learning and online training by Governance Gurus through webinars, webcasts and web-conferencing


Online learning and development courses

Not all training courses are created equal! By choosing us as your professional trainers your employees get access to modern and advanced online courses. Furthermore, our training sessions incorporate the latest case studies and industry specific expertise online.

In particular, online training is a great way for enhancing leadership skills for your directors and senior directors. Also, virtual learning is now the best way to gain new knowledge and skills quickly. Above all, now your managers and company secretary have convenient development opportunities for online learning. If you are looking for a specific course, just reach out to us and we will design a training program for you. Your learning and development needs are important to us.

More bang for your buck – Learn to be a professional trainer or public speaker

We provide ‘train the trainer’ advanced courses for learning and development professionals. If you are an aspiring trainer, we offer one on one courses to develop your public speaking and training skills. Do you have the presentation skills needed to hold the attention of a crowd? If not, we also have you covered. By the end of our courses you will have the confidence to stand and present in public. Moreover, anyone looking to progress their career must master the art of engaging with their audience. You will be given the knowledge and tools to become an engaging public speaker and articulate presenter.

You can gain valuable tips and tricks from our expert trainers. Presenting in the right environment allows you to practice and develop your skills without fear. Learning should always be engaging, fun and most importantly, it must be memorable.

Finding an e-learning course

In truth, finding an online course has never been easier, some are free whilst others are paid webinars. We offer a selection of free and paid webinar training courses. Learning to become a governance expert or exemplary leader has never been easier. Webinars, web-conferences and webcasts are all great ways for virtual courses with participants from across the globe.

Why are training courses important?

Learning is part of life and as a result we can always learn more. Learning starts from the cradle and should continue to the grave. For example, consider your own learning experiences. In truth, it’s likely some of these experiences were good and others were terrible.  Certainly, we have all been at a conference or training session and wished that we could make time pass quicker? A good training course keeps participants engaged and excited to learn more. A great presentation or speech will keep you interested and you’ll want it to go on for longer.

Death by PowerPoint – your worst nightmare

No one wants to sit through training or a presentation where a trainer or speaker reads from their slides. Death by PowerPoint or someone speaking in a monotone voice is a sure way to bore listeners. We know you can gain a better learning experience when you are kept engaged. Learning should be enjoyable. You are sure to enjoy our e-learning courses and a webinar can also be an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Inspired learning online

Training online doesn’t mean sessions should be boring. In other words, attending a great webinar can inspire and motivate participants. Are all e-training and webinars boring? Training should be something you remember for all the right reason. Additionally, web based training can be even more exciting than traditional face to face classroom learning. An online corporate governance course provides a great way to gain insights and an international perspective remotely.

Webinar training courses online – a sure way to build knowledge quickly

Our training is relevant, imparts knowledge and keeps participants actively engrossed throughout each course. Also, as experienced trainers we capture the attention of participants and speak to their hearts. Our professional trainers have trained directors from across the globe. They are all thought leaders with international experience gained in different sectors.

Who should attend our online webinars?

Specifically, we welcome participants from around the globe, and from different industries. Geographical distance is never an issue for online training courses. The beauty of webinars is that you join from wherever you are. When you choose to attend our webinars you are signing up for a great online experience. All participants are requested to submit questions and be active in surveys. Moreover, if you’re searching for an accredited webinar training you can rely on us for all of your needs.

Are you new to webinars or online virtual learning?

Are you new to webinars or online courses? Don’t worry, we make it easy and engaging. All you need is an internet connection and a device which can connect through the web. We send you a link and a password and you merely click the link, add your password and you are in the webinar. For a better experience during our training courses, we suggest you are comfortable and in a quiet room. Also, we suggest you have a large enough screen to see slides, whiteboard diagrams and materials presented. Our webinars range from 30 minutes and can last as long as you need for each session.

The best online training from the corporate governance training experts

Besides, we are told over and over that our training is second to none. Our interactive sessions inspire participants to move out from their comfort zone and head to excellence. With any training, much of the success sits with the content of the online course and how it’s presented. At Governance Gurus our aim is to make sure all participants have a great experience. Furthermore, this can only be achieved through preparation and the expertise of our presenters. In the end, if you don’t enjoy a webinar or the way the trainer presents you are unlikely to come back. This is why we are here to wow you at your first webinar and every one you attend with us.

Online learning for all the training needs of your organisation

In fact, our goal is to provide the best online learning available for corporate training in Dubai, Malaysia or from anywhere. For example,  with webinar technology we can reach you wherever you are. In addition, we provide webinars on leadership, corporate governance and also a series of short courses in governance. In fact, we also train company secretaries and governance professionals through our advanced online masterclasses. If you are looking for a certain training course for your board of director or management team get in touch.