Shaima Al Obeidli Achieves CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

We are pleased to announce that our exceptional Emirati student, Shaima Al Obeidli has passed the CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance and the CGIUKI Qualifying Programme exam for Company Compliance and Administration.

It is no easy task to just pass one of the CGIUKI exams but to pass two at once is outstanding. Shaima is a highly committed, diligent and motivated student and it has been a pleasure to provide her with tuition and support to prepare for the exams. The CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance gives affiliate status with CGIUKI.

CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance and exam successes whilst studying towards the CGIUKI Chartered Governance Professional status, Shaima Al Obeidli excels

Excellence is not something that can be simply attained in the fast-paced world of corporate governance. It is something that must be earned through unwavering dedication and a hunger for continuous growth and development.

We celebrate the success of Shaima Al Obeidli who recently aced not one, but two challenging exams as part of The Chartered Governance Institute UK and Ireland (CGIUKI) Qualifying Programme, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Shaima on her great success for the CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance.

Exceptional student Shaima Al Obeidli aces CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance


In November 2023, Shaima took on the challenging Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance and the Company Compliance and Administration examinations.

Shaima emerged triumphant after putting in over 300 hours of intensive study for each exam.

The 300 hours included attending tuition sessions, delving deeply into study materials, and navigating through the complex regulatory frameworks that were established by the Financial Reporting Council and in the UK Companies Law.

CGIUKI the Premier qualifying programme for Chartered Governance Professionals

The Chartered Governance Institute is the premier global qualifying organisation for professionals aspiring to become a Chartered Governance Professional and qualifies people who have roles as company secretaries, chief governance officer, governance advisers, governance professional, risk managers, compliance managers, non-executive directors and more. The CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance is a standalone qualification in its own right.

CGIUKI is widely recognised as the most authoritative organisation on a global scale for professionals who are working towards achieving the prestigious title Chartered Governance Professional.

Opportunities such as company secretaries, governance advisors, risk managers, compliance maestros, and non-executive directors are just some of the roles that can be obtained through this gateway to a world of possibilities.

The triumph of Shaima is not merely a personal victory; rather, it is a demonstration of her unyielding dedication to mastering the art of corporate governance and their unyielding pursuit of excellence.

By making an investment in their education through CGIUKI, Shaima is not only improving her skills, but she is also paving the way to becoming a trusted expert advisor who is able to provide Senior Management and her Boards of Directors with up-to-date international corporate governance counsel. The CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance has helped Shaima expand her corporate governance knowledge and apply the learns in her day to day working life.

CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance and studies for the qualifying scheme

At Governance Gurus FZE, we are proud to support ambitious and highly motivated professionals like Shaima, providing them with outstanding tuition and guidance and unflinching support throughout their learning and development journey with us.

The Governance Gurus FZE collaboration with CGIUKI, guarantees that students will receive nothing less than the highest possible level of education and tuition support. This will enable students to achieve new heights and redefine the standards of corporate governance in the organisations they work for.

As Shaima embarks on the next phase of her professional journey, we rejoice in her great achievements and celebrate to her ongoing success in shaping the future of corporate governance. Shaima’s success should serves as a source of motivation for those who aspire to be corporate governance professionals. It is reminder to all of us of the transformative power that can be achieved through dedication, determination, and a desire for knowledge.

Governance Gurus FZE remain steadfast in our commitment to providing premium tuition and guidance to those who are eager to follow in the footsteps of Shaima. Choosing us as your dedicated tuition provider will help you pave the way for a future that is filled with limitless possibilities and career development. The CGIUKI Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance is a great stepping stone for your career.

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